A dedicated solution for the Luxembourg market

What issues exist for the Luxembourg market?

Content filtering projects are more than just technical, functional solutions - their implementation involves many other important criteria: criminal law, civil law, labor law, culture, management liability...Olfeo - une solution de proxy et filtrage de contenus dédiée au marché luxembourgeois

Content filtering requires, in particular:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of local laws:  illegal content, employer rights of control, personal data management, etc.
  • Ability to make a value judgment on the content, taking into consideration the local culture and understanding that a site can be classified in very different filtration categories depending on the country.

For a filtering solution to be relevant, it is essential that it incorporate a strong local dimension. The global or worldwide solutions, that is to say, those that use the same filtering categories for New York, Beijing, Caracas or Cairo, are simply not capable of meeting the high standards of filtration quality that are now expected.

It is for this reason that Olfeo revolutionized the proxy and content filtering market by introducing a major innovation that clearly distinguishes it from current products.  This innovation is to develop specific, unique versions of the product for each market. 

C'est pourquoi Olfeo révolutionne le marché du proxy et du filtrage de contenu en apportant une innovation majeure en rupture avec les offres présentes sur le marché. Cette innovation est de décliner des versions spécifiques de la solution pour chaque marché.


It is in response to these new market requirements that Olfeo offers a version of its proxy and content filtering solution that is specifically dedicated to the Luxembourg market.

The Luxembourg version offers:

  • A specific URL database with categories tailored to meet Luxembourg legal and cultural requirements.
  • An analysis of Luxembourg site visits by a team dedicated to this market for optimal relevance ranking.
  • Functionality unique to Luxembourg legal requirements.

Access Luxembourg website - French version

Olfeo brochure - french versionDownload URL categories from Luxemburg database

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