A dedicated solution for multiple country projects

What issues exist for projects in multiple countries?

Proxy and filtering solutions that cover multiple geographical zones should allow a high level of quality regardless of the country.

It is often necessary to impose a group Internet policy while at the same time leaving a certain amount of freedom for particular markets due to the culture or the need for local delegation.

Consolidation of usage reports from different sites are needed in order to have a global view of activity: safety alerts, usage reports, etc.

Olfeo offers an international version tailored for global projects; it allows the CIO to delegate local control.

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Olfeo: Tailor made solutions for multi-country projects


Olfeo revolutionized the proxy and content filtering market with filtering category specific to region. Filtering expectations are often subject to local laws and cultural habits.  Content that should be banned or limited may vary, which is why Olfeo adapts its filtering categories to the country.

For global projects it is necessary to define a single security policy and be able to consolidate the data. The need for centralization is often greater than the need for local adaptation.  Olfeo has therefore created a set of international categories thanks to its knowledge of the needs of different cultures.

This expertise has enabled Olfeo to build a set of categories that constitute the best compromise for companies fighting against inappropriate Internet use in international environments.  These categories are based on a common platform and exclude all themes that might be offensive in any culture.



Olfeo includes powerful features for delegation of administrative rights which enable to centrally set security rules and to allow local administrators to set local rules. 

The headquarter will be able to instaure impassable security rules and allow local administrators to adapt local rules according to their specific administrative rights.  With this double approach it is possible to centrally secure internet access and leave some freedom for local and minor usage.

Administrative rights can be set at different levels :

  • On specific population : an delegated administrator on one specific region will not be able to modify or see the policies applied on the users in another region.
  • On the features : it's possible to limit the access to features on every single level in every menu : only some specific adminsitrators will have access to statistic reports whereas some others will have the rights to modify policies...



Olfeo proposes a powerful reporting tool included within its single interface. This tool creates various reports, dashboards,...

For a multi-country project, Olfeo consolidates the data from the different countries. this data are used in the statisitics and the logs.

It's possible for instance to create global or comparative per market statistics. Regarding the logs, they can be saved at the headquarter as well as locally.

Activity reports will be also centralized so as to get a global and consolidated picture of the activity. These reports can also show the activity per country or per geographic zone.


A precise management of the content filtering policies through 83 categories, 850 protocols, more than 200 MIME types and the possibility to create customized url lists.

A recognition rate of the websites visited by your internet users greater than  96% thanks to dynamic filtering which consists in sending the unknown websites to Olfeo Rating Teams.

An unmatched filtering quality thanks to manual classification of content by multilingual teams sensitive to the culture and the laws of the country.

A double antivirus protection thanks to a virus database and a real time analysis of every kinf of threats : virus, spywares, phishing,...including mobile codes such as ActiveX and Java

Optimisation of business related data streams  thanks powerful cache and QoS rules which are also able to use Olfeo URL database to differenciate the content.


Make the users take part in your security policy using exclusive features such as override functions, automatic mails of individual usage reports.

Inform them. Olfeo has a feature of individual spreading of the Internet usage rules and saves the log of visualisation of this document.


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