Compliance with Belgian law

Content filtering in compliance with Belgian law

Belgian law on the subject of the Internet is specific and it now has the daily attention of the IT department.

This means at the same time respecting: Compliance with Belgian law

  • The law concerning the uses of Internet, including illegal, in business:  Belgian law prohibits access to numerous content that is not condemned by the laws of other countries.

In Belgium, certain things are illegal:

Advertising for drugs that violate the guidelines of the AFMPS.

Site content promoting revisionism or racism (Act of 23 March 1995)

Online gambling without from license from the Gambling Commission (CJH) ...


  • The law with respect to users:  In Belgium, the collection of log files is governed by the Law on Data Protection of a Personal Nature of December 8, 1992, or also by the collective labor agreement No. 81.  This means that content filtering is not simply a technical solution but rather also touches the subject of rights and HR issues: Collective Labour Agreement, discrimination, law relative to data protection ...  The tool should therefore enable compliance with Belgian law in terms of Internet access, it must be legal and offer functions that facilitate its deployment with respect to the Belgian legal framework.

The filtering solutions of English speaking countries comprise a category "LGBT" for sites related to homosexuality and sexual preference. However, the use of such a filtering category in Belgium is illegal.

Olfeo works in close collaboration with the Belgian law firm ALTIUS to maintain a continuous watch on Belgian legislative developments so as to be able to immediately implement new legal provisions into the Olfeo solution. 

Olfeo: Optimal legal protection adapted to Belgian legal issues

  • Filtering categories encompass the entire spectrum of activities deemed illegal in Belgium:  respect for Art. 383 of the Criminal Code relating to unlawful advertising for abortion, the law of 24 February 1921 on Psychotropic Substances ...
  • Continuous updates of categories based on Belgian legislative developments (e.g. surveillance of public Internet access)

  • Non-discriminatory filtering categories and respect for privacy.


  • Respect for the Law on the Data Protection of a Personal Nature (LVP) through targeted and confidential removal of log files and greater control over administrator rights.

  • Compliance with the Collective Labour Agreement (CCT No. 81) due to the individual dissemination of Internet policy and the preservation of registered acceptances.




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