Olfeo Pricing

Olfeo Pricing

From the beginning Olfeo has chosen to distribute its products and associated services through a network of certified partners. All Olfeo products, including those relating to Olfeo-provided services are available from our network of certified partners.



The Olfeo solution consists of 5 complementary products that can be purchased separately.

  • Proxy Cache QoS*
  • URL Filtering
  • Protocol Filtering
  • Antivirus
  • Mobility Controller

*The SSL Option is an optional feature of Proxy Cache QoS.  For clients requiring the SSL option it is also required to license Proxy Cache QoS.

All Olfeo features are included as standard and therefore not subject to additional charges for each product throughout the duration of the license:

  • Rights of use
  • Database updates (URLs, signatures ...)
  • Minor and major software updates
  • Load balancing
  • System public authority /implementation
  • Dynamic filtering ...

The Olfeo Suite offers a reduction of 20% with the purchase of 4 products:  Proxy Cache, URL Filtering, Protocol filtering and Antivirus.

the licensing is based on an annual or pluri-annual fee depending on the number of users.

The number of users refers to the total number of separate user accounts (or number of users filtered where authentication is absent) during the previous 30 days.  Olfeo pricing is quoted in euros, pre-tax, per user, for a period of one year.

Olfeo licensing only takes into account the number of users. High Availability features are native and do not require additional costs. This licensing model increase the number of Olfeo machines in a cluster or in a backup architecture without additionnal licenses. This model is especially attractive in a virtual environment.  

Pricing for public portals is based on the number of simultaneous access points. 

Where the same Olfeo server is used for both internal users and public portals, it is necessary to acquire the same products for each area covering both internal and external users.

There is also a price reduction for multi-year subscriptions, as follows :

2 years 15%
3 years 20%
4 years 23%
5 years 25%

A multi-year subscription refers to subscribing to the same product for a period longer than one year. 



In order to assure optimal support for the Olfeo Solution, an annual support contract is required. 

The support contract can be supplied by your own IT integrator or by Olfeo via the Olfeo Editor Support program.  Direct Olfeo support is provided by dedicated teams and supported by local, onsite R&D teams.  


Certified Training

Olfeo offers a certification program for Olfeo partners and clients for current, available product versions.  The program brings together both theory and practice in such a way as to allow participants to immediately put into practice what they have learned.

A one-day refresher course is required to extend the initial, 24-month certification period.



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