The Olfeo Management Team

The Olfeo Management Team

The Olfeo Management Team

Alexandre Souillé, CEO and founder

A keen advocate of new technologies and entrepreneurship, Alexandre has dedicated his entire career to the creation and direction of software companies.

In 2003, he established Olfeo driven by the conviction that security solutions must adapt to the legislation, practices and threats of the country in which they are deployed.

Since January 2017, Alexandre has been furthering the cause of positive security, Olfeo's innovative approach, which combines three fundamental challenges: technological expertise, legal and cultural compliance, as well as the human factor.  

Michel Cavalier, Research & Development Director​

Michel is an experienced R&D director who has spent his whole career with the most prominent software publishers.

He currently leads Olfeo's engineering and Q&A teams. Michel also implements the tools and best practices for software development and testing, for the purpose of honing technical expertise and ensuring production readiness.


Lionel Pascaud, Sales Director​

During his time collaborating with various software publishers, Lionel successfully participated in the creation of several business units dedicated to guaranteeing the loyalty and growth of our client pool.

Driven by his enthusiasm for IT, the web and new technologies, he is now Olfeo's Sales Director. He leads all the various sales teams in charge of prospects, clients and partners.


Farid Agha, Customer Success Director 

After beginning his career with various integrators, Farid joined Olfeo in 2015.

Farid is in charge of managing and uniting operational “Customer Success” teams (Support, Consulting and, Classification) focusing on a common objective: customer satisfaction.

He develops customer loyalty by ensuring that products and services closely meet their expectations, and works together with all the teams in the company to coordinate whatever it takes to achieve customer satisfaction.

Romuald David, Product Manager and IT Director​

Romuald defines the company's product development. He builds product roadmaps and pilots them according to the company's strategic objectives - in line with market expectations.

He manages product life cycles and transfers knowledge about the product and its roadmaps inside and outside the company.
He is in charge of running the company's information system and its security.


Sophie Jozwik, Head of Marketing and Communication​

Creative with a true gift for communication, Sophie is committed to developing Olfeo's visibility.

Working together with all the departments of the company, Sophie has an active role in the company's expansion strategy, challenging the various marketing techniques used. 

Brand strategy and lead generation are her priorities.

Françoise Pelaud, Administrative and Financial Director

For over 20 years, Françoise has been an administrative and financial director in several NICT companies (IT distributors, publishers and ISPs).

She is in charge of administrative and financial matters as well as legal transactions.

Sylvie Lelong, HR development Director​

Backed by a career focusing on human resources and talent acquisition in IT/Digital companies undergoing rapid growth, Sylvie defines and implements Olfeo's HR policy with the aim of underpinning its expansion.

An ambassador of corporate culture, she coordinates all initiatives that contribute to the unification and expansion of teams and to the recruitment of new talent.



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