Olfeo’s Innovative Vision


Olfeo revolutionized the proxy and content filtering market by introducing a major innovation that immediately distinguished it from other products.  The innovation was to develop specific versions of the solution for each country.Content filtering is more than just the technical and functional aspects - its correct implementation implicates many other disciplines, namely, criminal law, civil law, labor law, management liability, access to personal data, culture, etc.

Content filtering requires, in particular:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of local laws:  illegal content, employer rights of control, personal data management, etc.
  • Ability to make a value judgment on the content, taking into consideration the local culture and understanding that a site can be classified in very different filtration categories depending on the country.

For a filtering solution to be relevant, it is essential that it incorporate a strong local dimension. The global or worldwide solutions, that is to say, those that use the same filtering categories for New York, Beijing, Caracas or Cairo, are simply not capable of meeting the high standards of filtration quality that are now expected.

It is for this reason that Olfeo has chosen a multi-locale approach in developing specific, unique versions of the product for each market. 

International Olfeo solution

The Olfeo international version is ideal for projects involving multiple countries, either European or global.  All parameter settings, analyses and procedures can be centralized from a single interface comprising the activity of all countries.

Several administrators can simultaneously enjoy system access with differentiated rights, both on the group user level and on the accessible functions level. 

This version was built by consolidating the expertise we gained from our local experience.  It can also be used in countries where Olfeo has not yet developed a country-specific version.


Multi-locale Olfeo approach ...LOCAL EDITIONS

Local versions of the Olfeo solution are developed to specifically meet the needs of a country’s business clients as well as public authorities.

These local versions allow a business or authority to benefit from the Olfeo solution in accordance with local law and culture.

They take into account very finely targeted, local security attacks.  And they incorporate specific features corresponding to particular requirements: online employee certification proving receipt of the Internet policy, regulated access to personal data, etc.



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