The Olfeo Solution



Olfeo offers a proxy and content-filtering solution that allows companies and public authorities to control Internet access and usage in accordance with the cultural and legal requirements of the country.   Our solution includes five complementary products:

  • Proxy Cache Quality of Service (QoS)
  • URL filtering
  • Protocol filtering
  • Antivirus
  • Mobility Controller

This approach guarantees optimal legal protection, unrivaled filtering quality and a high level of IT security.

Olfeo's unique, multi-lingual Administrator Console incorporates a unique technical architecture and rich feature set that assures a very high level of performance.

The solution is available in several formats:  appliance, virtual machine, software... the solution fits seamlessly into your legacy architecture.

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The Olfeo proxy and Olfeo content filtering solution allows businesses and public authorities to control access  and usage of Internet users in accordance with the specific cultural and legal requirements of a country.Olfeo Exclusive advantages

  • Unique legal protection thanks to filtration categories that encompass the entire spectrum of activities deemed illegal by a country and specific categories devoted to protection of minors.
  • Customizable filtering policies based on categories that reflect the culture and interests of the country’s Internet users.
  • Recognition rates of visited websites greater than 96% thanks to our knowledge of local users' browsing habits together with the systematic uploading and classification of unknown sites.
  • Instant attack detection thanks to a comprehensive database identifying all attacks, including local attacks (hacked, redirecting links to government agencies, banks ...)
  • Individual distribution of Internet policy and preservation of employee log files certifying receipt of the document.
  • Education of users about Internet security policy with exclusive features such as sending email reports of individual Internet usage, override functions, personalized explanation of blocked pages, etc.
  • Optimized business related data streams thanks to cache policy settings and QoS rules based on Olfeo filtering categories
  • Dedicated customer service with single point of contact so as to assist each client in creating a legally conform, technical solution.


Olfeo offers a solution specially developed for companies with foreign subsidiaries or, for countries where Olfeo does not yet offer a local, dedicated version. The international version allows companies to benefit from a dedicated URL database and administration that is either centralized or shared geographically through a single interface.

  • A unique security policy with international filtering categories, however, without local cultural and legal enhancements.
  • Centralized security rules while, at the same time, offering the ability to delegate more restrictive control to local administrators (reporting, configuration, administration of security policies by its users ...) thanks to powerful functions for delegating system administration.
  • Availability of statistics and log files, either globally or by geographic zone, thanks to consolidated reports and logs.
  • Simplified administration thanks to a single interface for managing security policies, reporting and system configuration. 
  • Strict, optimized management of corporate content filtering policies with 83 categories, 850 protocols and more than 200 MIME types.
  • Thanks to dynamic filtering, the solution offers recognition rates of visited sites higher than 96% by uploading unknown sites for manual classification. 
  • Unrivalled filtering quality thanks to manual, content classification by multilingual teams,
  • A double antivirus protection thanks to Olfeo’s antivirus database plus real-time analysis of all types of threats:  viruses, worms, spyware, phishing, including mobile code such as Active X and Java.
  • Optimization of Internet business data streams thanks to the ability to configure cache and Quality of Service rules according to filtering categories.


  • Powerful statistical functions for gathering data across a multitude of criteria (URLs, protocols, types of attacks ...) expressed in hits, number of pages and volume
  • Numerous, pre-defined and built-in statistics
  • Statistics in graph form, available with just a mouse click, allows the administrator to expand and develop the results using dynamic navigation.
  • Saving of reports and favorite analyses.
  • Exporting, printing of statistics.
  • Historical analysis: dedicated algorithms that take into account cross-browser functionality, automatic refreshment ...
  • Customizable dashboards refreshed in real time (Internet traffic supervision and instant identification of security risks)
  • Automatic, email report delivery with the ability to tailor sending frequency to system administrators, human resources, sales management ...
  • Real time, Internet traffic visualization and applied filtering rules
  • Customizable CSV log extraction tool allowing the administrator to target specific information using multiple criteria: domain, URL, IP ...


  • Available in a variety of combinable solutions: virtual, software, appliance...
  • Custom implementation:  as proxy, in combination with other hardware, sniffing (port mirroring), editing??, remote access ... with your directories: lDAP, AD, lotus, e-directory ...
  • Secure access to the administrator console
  • Single interface for all products and functionality:  configuration, statistics ...
  • Extension of your Internet security policy to mobile devices: tablets, smartphones ...
  • Explicit delegation of administrator rights (viewing or changing) by menu and user group
  • High native availability thanks to cluster creation (Active/Active, Active/Passive, centralized logs and statistics ...) without additional cost
  • Scheduled backups with either partial or complete restoration
  • Server management, email forwarding alerts and supervisor console compatibility

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