Overview of the Olfeo Database

Olfeo developed its own database based on worldwide web content analysis over a period of more than 10 years.  Globally, very few providers are able to deliver a sufficiently comprehensive and efficient database. Through multiple proprietary methods, the Olfeo database allows providers the opportunity to benefit from its expertise in this area by integrating our database and its updates into your solutions.

The scope of the Olfeo URL database allows a very broad range of providers to benefit by integrating it under license into their own product offerings and services.

There are many ways to use it:

  • Firewall developers who wish to offer filtering services.

  • Telecom equipment suppliers who wish to offer parental control services to their customers.

  • Social networks that want to moderate posted content by removing URL addresses that link to inappropriate or illegal content.

  • Online advertising platforms that want to offer their advertisers the ability to better target their clients.

exclusives advantages


  • Unequalled quality and classification responsiveness thanks to the daily updates to the database using Olfeo’s tools and filtering products.   It is the best guarantee of comprehensive coverage thanks to the daily evolution of the database based on the daily input of millions of users. 
  • Customizable to your own market thanks to a variety of URL databases.  Olfeo offers not only an international database but also versions dedicated to particular markets that allow you to adapt to the cultural and legal needs according to the geographical area: International, French, German, Swiss, Belgian, Moroccan , Tunisian, Algerian, Ivorian ...
  • Multiple possibilities for integrating the databases into your own products and services thanks to a variety of methods for implementation.  For example, Olfeo does not require SDK (software development kit) as an integration assistant.
  • The control of customer data includes the ability to customize data synchronization. Updates to the URL database are done at regular intervals to acquire new URLs and upload unrecognized URLs.  To guarantee confidentiality of your customer’s data, Olfeo offers the possibility of controlling the synchronization from your own servers.



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