Protocol filtering


Overview of Olfeo protocol filtering

Protocol filtering functions

The Olfeo protocol filtering solution allows you to control Internet protocols at the application level (Layer 7 of the OSI model) in order to ensure content filtering quality and optimal security.

Olfeo protocol filtering provides comprehensive blocking, including dynamic protocols, by analyzing application signatures including UDP and TCP.  It detects and controls more than 850 protocols divided into 28 themes based on protocol fingerprints or certificates for encrypted connections.  An excellent knowledge of the structure of exchanged data allows protocol identification regardless of the port used.

The rules engine for protocol filtering has a very fine level of granularity useful for policy setting.

Protocol filtering policies can be individually assigned to groups or to users in the same GUI as the URL filtering so as to have a global view of filtering policies.

Protocol filtering provides an additional layer of security to URL filtering and the Olfeo antivirus, thus ensuring optimal content filtering.

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Key Features


  • Detects P2P protocols, and more specifically, BitTorrent protocols that do not require servers or fixed ports and frequently use encrypted connections.
  • Detects the use of instant messaging, including bypassing the firewall: web messengers, protocol proxies or dedicated external socks, direct communications between mail clients, private servers ...
  • Identification of non-IP protocols or even communication protocols frequently used by zombie positions as IRC, ICQ ...
  • Assignment of filtering policies by user or group of users with a hierarchical view according to the architecture of the internal directory.
  • Global view of employee’s URL and protocol filtering status thanks to a user-friendly, single screen, status display.



Data feed type analysis regardless of ports used

Application signature analysis up to layer 7 to identify the real, underlying protocol

Accurate, real time network flow analysis without impacting network performance

Four levels of protocol analysis: real time, dynamic statistics to zoom in on a particular period, report distribution via email, targeted log extraction using multiple criteria: date, time, protocol, user ...

Strict management of filtering policies for 850 protocols grouped into 28 themes

Detection of all unwanted protocols: Skype, BitTorrent ...

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