The Proxy cache QoS


Overview of the Olfeo Proxy Cache QoS

Proxy cache QoS products

Olfeo has a set of complementary proxies to precisely control access, connections and content for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, TCP, and SOCKS streams.   A powerful rules engine provides simple management according to the sender (group, user, IP address range) or destination, with the ability to associate time slots.

File analysis is not limited to inspection of the file extension, but rather analysis of the contents to ensure the file’s correct MIME type.  File downloads may be authorized, limited to a certain volume or blocked if the file size is not set by the sending server.  The cache features allow you to save bandwidth and the Quality of Service (QoS) features are useful for load balancing.

The Olfeo, Proxy Cache QoS solution provides comprehensive protection of your web traffic:  user authentication, precise control of data flow according to protocol, bandwidth optimization, prioritization of business related data streams and log preservation.

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SSL Olfeo Option
SSL OPTION : As an optional feature of proxy QoS, Olfeo offers to extend your security policy to secure data streams in accordance with the law:

  • Selective decapsulation of SSL data flows according to Olfeo URL filtration categories.
  • Detection of malicious code in encrypted traffic before it can spread to the corporate network.
  • Precise definition of your Web 2.0 filtering policies on secure platforms by user or group of users and by specific applications offered on social networks.
Key Features

Possibility to combine authentication types depending on the case: transparent, SSO, captive portal ...

  • Distribution and data flow prioritization allowing for detailed bandwidth management using a multitude of criteria:  categories, groups, users, time slots ...
  • Targeted log extraction by means of a dedicated, graphical interface.
  • Selective decapsulation of SSL data flows thanks to the exclusion of Olfeo URL categories



  • Authentication for all major directory types: Active Directory, LDAP, Novell, Lotus ... and for the server virtualization workstation: Citrix, Terminal Server ...
  • Advanced Proxy Control rules thanks to rule sequencing: connection, access, overview, content
  • Unlimited proxy creation and connection rule control according to protocol: HTTP, FTP, RTSP, SOCKS, TCP
  •  Inividual download control (authorization, blocking, volume limits....) relative to size, actual MIME type and source
  • Optimal virus protection, comprehensive filtering of encrypted streams and specific applications of each secure Web 2.0 platform
  • Log file retention for customizable duration.
  • Custom management of cache memory and disk cache (content type and hidden objects, customizable duration for each MIME type ...) thanks to powerful data replacement algorithms

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