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Overview of the Olfeo Public Portal

Olfeo Public portal

The Olfeo mobility controller allows user authentication and logging of Wi-Fi and public spaces by creating visitor accounts subject to a dedicated security policy.
Each mobile user is registered and assigned a unique identifier allowing the company to comply with legislation and secure its IT network.
The mobility controller is integrated into the Olfeo Administration console and therefore benefits from all products and system functionality.  URL and protocol filtering, antivirus and QoS proxy cache can be configured to administer all visitor access. 
All rules, settings and system parameters are instantly applied to areas open to public access.

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Key Features
  • Ticket filtering policy according to visitor profile linked to Olfeo URL filtering and protocol categories.
  • Distribution of Internet usage policy to visitors and preservation of files certifying receipt.
  • Management of internal and public users with a single interface.

The Olfeo public portal provides authentication and secure Internet access for users of your public spaces.

The creation and management of user accounts can be delegated to an operator with a dedicated interface or directly to the user via a self-registration interface.

  • Creation of unlimited user accounts by an operator or by the visitor (self-registration)
  • Creation of unlimited portals and tickets with the ability to define the language, messages, information request form, validity ...
  • Customization of the corporate identity, text, language, etc. according to portals and identifying interfaces
  • Authentication of users of both wired and WiFi public spaces
  • Delegation of operator rights from your internal directory for user accounts (creation, modification ...), tickets (changes to connection time, filtering policy), printed documents
  • Integration with many types of billing software
  • Printing or distribution of user IDs by email or SMS
  • Real time visualization of active, inactive and expired accounts
  • Log file retention with customizable duration.

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