URL Filtering


Overview of Olfeo URL Filtering

Filtering URL functions

Olfeo URL filtering allows you to simply build security policies by user, by group, etc. using over a hundred filtering categories grouped under more than 10 topics.

A powerful rules engine allows to link conditions using a very rich set of features. 

The multitude of possible, Olfeo URL filtering options ensures a very high degree of granularity for policy setting:  quota management by time and volume, usage according to time slot, management of override rules with or without a password, the use of custom URL lists, support for regular expressions in the contents ...

The solution also offers advanced features to prevent users from bypassing the system using anonymous proxies, translation tools, access to the cache pages, etc.

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WEB 2.0 specific features filtering

The Web 2.0 represents an amazing opportunity for a company to increase its visibility and to target its customers with more efficiency,…

But the use of Web 2.0 also creates vulnerabilities for the company : decline of productivity, IT security risk, bandwidth reduction, information data leak, illicit web browsing or publishing,…

Olfeo has developed advanced features for web 2.0 filtering.

These features make it possible to customize administration rights on web 2.0 platforms according to the website’s specifics. It is hence possible to allow publications of comments, pictures or video on Facebook to the marketing department and to deny these actions to the sales department. On Twitter for exemple, Olfeo allows the marketing department to post tweets and the sales department to post answering tweets only.


Olfeo has filtering categories that are specifically adapted to your local or multi-country project. The local version of the Olfeo solution ensures:

  • Optimal legal protection through filtering categories that encompass the entire spectrum of activities deemed illegal by a country
  • Easy to create filtering policies thanks to categories that are consistent with the culture and interests of the country's Internet users.
  • Recognition rates greater than 96% of sites visited by your users thanks to knowledge of local surfing habits and the automatic uploading of unknown sites for immediate classification.
  • Unmatched filtering quality thanks to manual classification of content by multi-lingual teams sensitive to the culture and laws of the country.
  • User education of your Internet policy with exclusive features such as sending email reports of individual Internet usage, override functions, personalized explanation of blocked pages, etc.
  • Strict filtering policy management with over a hundred categories grouped into more than 10 themes
  • Personalized URL list creation, either manually or by file import
  • Policy setting using a multitude of customizable actions:  time and volume quotas, time slots, override with or without password ...
  • Enhancement of the "viruses, worms, spyware" category by means of the Olfeo antivirus feature
  • Customization of Web 2.0 platform individual user rights thanks to controlled, media specific application and video access depending on the source or the URL
  • Assignment of filtering policies by user or group of users with a hierarchical view according to the architecture of the internal directory.

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