Olfeo Direct Support


Olfeo Direct Support

Olfeo Support addresses technical questions related to: integration, configuration, operation, installation in line with Olfeo recommendations... but only to the extent that the information contained in the software documentation cannot resolve the problem.

Olfeo supports you when diagnosing system malfunctions.

Olfeo Support is available to client administrators who have subscribed to Olfeo Direct Support as well as to certified Olfeo partners. 

Support levels
terms and conditions

Olfeo Technical support is available from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT + 1) without interruption, except for holidays.

Contact us to request support options outside of regular business hours.


Level 1:

Level 1 Support teams are responsible for basic customer incidents:

  • Confirm the existence of a Customer Technical Support contract
  • Collect a detailed description of the client environment, including network architectures, integration modes;
  • Generate a detailed description of issues or symptoms observed by the customer regarding, in particular, the frequency of symptoms and the operational and financial impact on the client or related projects;
  • Document the client’s functional and operational objectives.

Analyze the reported symptoms to identify the underlying problems.


Level 1 Support technicians / engineers may use, among other things, knowledge base management tools or product documentation to address basic issues.  The proposed solutions may include:  a clarification of product features, reinstallation of the product,  parameter setting....


Level 2:

The primary role of the Level 2 Technical Support team is to acknowledge receipt of the incident’s escalation from the Level 1 Support team and to validate the various analyses and recommendations made at the previous level.

Escalation to Level 2 Technical Support allows for more detailed technical analysis and use of more advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Responsibilities of this team may also include the installation of additional patches, the use of diagnostic tools, the use of remote troubleshooting tools, and finally, client environment modeling.

Finally, if this team is not able to solve or provide the necessary solutions or recommendations, Level 2 Technical Support will escalate the incident to Level 3.


Level 3:


This team represents the highest level of technical support available. Typically composed of technicians / engineers with a high degree of technical expertise and product development, the team supports the management and resolution of problems of the most complex technical nature.

As this team is generally exposed to problems or issues that were not previously known, members of the team are either experts on the entire product range or experts in their respective fields.  They use advanced technical analysis and diagnostic tools that may include recompiling, instrumentation, product optimization, the use of advanced, third-party tools, or the creation of other, specific troubleshooting tools.

Coaching sessions organized by Level 3 Support allow the transfer of knowledge to lower level Support teams.  This team has the responsibility to provide the development team with either a very detailed analysis of the customer issue or, a reproducible model of the problem that allows Olfeo to create an appropriate software patch. 

Level 3 is also responsible for providing such patches after taking the appropriate, quality assurance measures including, test phases proving non-regression.  


Olfeo Technical Support is dedicated to customer administrators who have subscribed to Olfeo direct development support, as well as to our technical engineering partners having  Olfeo V5 technical certification.




Your IT partner is relieved of all responsibility for Technical Support as Olfeo takes responsibility for Technical Support Levels 1, 2 and 3 as outlined above and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Olfeo Direct Support Agreement.




In the absence of an Olfeo Direct Support Agreement with your customer, you agree to provide Technical Support Services for Olfeo products.

The Support Contract you offer your customer includes technical support Levels 1 and 2.  Olfeo commits to provide you with technical support Level 3, thereby enabling you to respond to your client’s needs according to the actual, associated responsibilities.

You also agree to remain the sole spokesperson for the end customer regardless of the level of support provided and in the absence of a specific request from our technical teams. Service and technical support provided is in accordance with the availability of Olfeo Direct Technical Support under the terms and conditions of the Olfeo Direct Support Agreement.

Finally, you agree to ensure certification of your technical support team in order to be able to provide quality technical support and service.  To do this, three days of Olfeo integration certification are required and such certification remains valid for two years. Before expiration of the two years, team members must attend the one day, updated certification integration program in order to retain a valid Olfeo certification. The simple presence of a technical engineer trained on the Olfeo solution and regularly onsite at the client does not guarantee an optimal response time if his certification has expired. 




  • A server installation from a file.run provided by Olfeo.  Installation can be done on any OS that has a Linux 2.6 kernel (Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc ...).
  • Installation in Virtual mode from images provided by Olfeo.  Upon authorization we can also, at your request, take remote control of your server(s).
  • Installation on Olfeo Box (7000R2 Model, 11000, and 15000). 


Upon authorization we can also, at your request, take remote control of your server(s).

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