Protect your company

How to protect your company from the risks related to use of the Internet

To protect a company’s business risks related to Internet usage requires following the changes in the law as well as behavioral changes within companies.

Understanding the development of the Internet and the way it is used allows a company to control some of the issues related to productivity, IT security, bandwidth, etc.  It is also essential to follow the changing legal context regarding the Internet in order to respect the law and legally deploy measures of control.

Control Internet Related Issues

Control Internet Related Issues

The Internet has evolved over the years in terms of introducing new perspectives, but also many risks that now demand a company’s attention and control. 

It is essential to monitor developments in the use of the Internet, but it’s equally necessary to monitor the evolution of issues requiring control related to how employees actually use the Internet. 

Businesses, and particularly Directors of Information Technology (CIO’s), must have the means to control five (5) major issues in order to provide maximum protection to the company:

  • Protect the company or the public authority from criminal and civil risk associated with the illicit use of the Internet.
  • Improve employee productivity while at the same time respecting HR policy.
  • Effectively combat system vulnerabilities related to malware attacks.
  • Accelerate the flow of business information and data. 
  • Prevent the leak of confidential data.



Control the legal aspects

Control the legal aspects

Faced with the evolution of Internet usage within companies, legislation tends to follow and clarify.

It is now clear that the employer and the CIO may be held liable due to the use of Internet access by employees or visitors.  Indeed, there exist several legal provisions that require the employer to take steps to prevent illegal access within its establishment.

The most recent case law strengthens these provisions by legitimizing the implementation of Internet monitoring solutions.

Therefore, two questions arise:

  • What are the areas of responsibility of each of the players in a company respecting use of the Internet?
  • How can a company or public authority protect itself legally?

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