Internet issues in the Education Sector

Issues related to use of the Internet in the Education Sector

Internet issues in the Education Sector

Providing Internet access to minors is subject to special legislation.  The latest generations of school children are in fact raised with the Internet and are quite adept at managing the tools they are given.

CIOs in charge of schools, high schools and colleges, therefore, face new constraints in terms of controlling Internet access and content.


Needs of the Education Sector

  • Respect the legal requirements for filtering content available to minors.

  • Manage access parameters for different user groups: teachers, administrators, students ... and apply appropriate filtering policies adapted to their need for the Internet and their age.

  • Manage and conserve bandwidth so that each user has access to needed resources:  business applications for administrative staff, document downloading for teachers doing research, educational videos for students...

  • Authenticate, log and filter Internet users in public spaces (library, study room ...), in accordance with local law.


The Olfeo Solution

  • Optimal legal protection thanks to filtering categories that encompass the entire spectrum of activities deemed illegal by a country, plus, specific categories related to the protection of minors.

  • Unrivalled level of filtering quality thanks to content classification by multi-lingual teams working to manually select the right categories according to the laws and culture of the country.

  • Strict management of Internet policies by means of multiple, customizable actions (quotas for time and volume, time slots, override with or without password ...)

  • Ability to manage multiple authentication modes differentiated by zone: transparent (Active directory, Ldap, Lotus ...), SSO, captive portal, IP range, MAC address ...

  • The ability to reserve bandwidth and prioritize data feeds using multiple criteria, namely, by category, by group, by user, by time slot...

  • The ability to also secure guest web access thanks to Olfeo Mobility Controller Product : ticketing management, connections duration management, content filtering, delegation of administration rights on guest acces,...


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