Internet Issues in the Health Sector

Issues related to use of the Internet in the Health Sector

Internet Issues in the Health Sector

From simple medical research, to monitoring or assisting surgery via webcam, to providing Internet access for medical personnel while taking a break, to allowing Internet use for patients  - Internet access requirements in health facilities are numerous.

As health institutions comprehend the importance of using proxy solutions and content filtering to protect their facilities Internet usage and to optimize data flow, CIOs face multiple issues.


Needs of the Health Sector

  • Avoid false positives (ranking a site in the wrong category.) Filtering solutions that automatically classify by keyword often make classification mistakes in medical environments related to the vocabulary used on the site.  For example, a site related to child gynecology can be placed in the category of "child pornography".

  • Develop custom filtering policies.  The medical staff is very diverse and working hours can be quite varied, so the needs in terms of Internet access are very different. It is necessary, therefore, to provide access for both professional and personal Internet usage.

  • In some cases, allow access to certain users to content that may otherwise be considered unlawful by local legislation.   For example, a psychologist may need to do research on drug sites.

  • Ensure continuity of service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

  • Optimize data feeds for special Internet events needed by the medical staff.

  • Provide patient Internet access in compliance with local legislation.

The Olfeo Solution

  • Unmatched filtering quality that avoids false positives thanks to country specific, multi-lingual teams that manually classify content into the right categories.  Each new content type is manually analyzed to determine exactly which filtering category is appropriate.

  • Strict management of filtering policies by user or user groups by means of multiple, customizable options: time and volume quotas, time slots, password override, etc.

  • A password activated override function that allows certain users to access illegal content such as drug sites for their medical research.

  • Individual broadcast of  Internet Rules to each specific user to explain how Internet can be used and the procedure for requesting a waiver to access illegal content.

  • High level of availability is standard in the solution to ensure continuous, optimal service quality.

  • Optimized data flow thanks to parameter settings for cache policy, plus, enhanced QoS due to Olfeo filtering categories or personalized URL lists.

  • A ticket based, public portal for patients offering a secure Internet connection conforming to local law and customizable according to duration, filtering policy, etc.


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