A Solution Adapted to Independent System Vendors (ISVs)

What issues exist for the ISVs ?

may wish to extend the functionality of their offerings by adding new components that require detailed HTTP traffic analysis.

There are multiple uses:

  • A firewall developer that wants to offer filtering services
  • A telecom equipment supplier who wishes to offer its customers a parental control service
  • A social network that wishes to limit posted content by removing URL addresses that link to inappropriate content.

Online advertising platforms that want to offer their advertisers the ability to target their clients.

The Olfeo Enterprise Output Management (EOM) functionality allows a ISV to embed the Olfeo technology and its database in order to have quick and easy access to Olfeo’s expertise.



  • Deploy and implement a solution quickly and easily without regard to the architecture of your system.

  • Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned web content analyst and publisher.

  • Use a database that is adapted specifically to the usage patterns of the end user. 

  • Embed a distinctive, European solution.

  • Ability to choose a licensing plan compatible with your business model .

  • Ability to maintain solution integrity

The Olfeo Solution

  • The Olfeo database is immediately available.  We provide various types of technology integration that allow you to offer your customers new options in a very short time.

  • For over 10 years Olfeo has analyzed worldwide web content by means of multiple, proprietary technologies. The work of analyzing and categorizing content is exceptional and very specific. It is an expertise that requires a combination of skills and specific resources.  It is very difficult for a new player to enter the market because it requires many years and significant investments to develop a marketable product. Our solution allows a provider to quickly reap the benefits of our expertise. 

  • Olfeo revolutionized the content filtration market by providing a revolutionary innovation: the multi-locale approach.  In order to meet the legal and cultural demands of some countries, Olfeo developed a set of specific databases so that, as a result, the relevance of the Olfeo category set is now unparalleled.  If your solution is worldwide and Olfeo has not yet created a specific country database, Olfeo also offers an international solution.

  • Content analysis requires one to make value judgments.  Olfeo offers a cultural vision that is different from that of the English-speaking world because their databases are not adapted according to geographic zones. 

  • Olfeo offers various licensing models that can be adapted to your own particular business model. Olfeo also offers a "revenue sharing" model that features a very low initial investment.

  • Integrating Olfeo into your offering does not necessarily require using sdk as an integration assistant.   Other types of integration allow you to remain completely in charge of your code and not import third party treatments.  In this way you better control your own environment.

  • Updating the URL databases requires regular, synchronized exchanges of data:  getting new URL’s and reporting unrecognized URL’s.  To guarantee the confidentiality of your customer’s data, you may wish to avoid sending it to a shared cloud.  Olfeo allows the possibility to control the update synchronizations directly from your own servers.


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