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Olfeo proposes a proxy and content-filtering solution in order to control Internet access and usage.
Our solution includes five complementary products:

  • URL filtering
  • Protocol filtering
  • Proxy cache Qos,
  • Antivirus,
  • Mobility controller.

Thanks to our approach based on local culture, the Olfeo solution provides optimal legal protection, unrivaled filtering quality, and a high level of information system security, and it associates users with the security policy.

Olfeo's unique Administration Console combines a very rich feature set with simplified administration.

The solution is available in several formats as an appliance, virtualized software, SaaS, or a stand-alone program, so it fits seamlessly into your legacy architecture.

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Unique benefits
Reporting and supervision
Deployement and administration

Unique benefits

Olfeo offers a solution dedicated to the needs of both local government organizations and businesses. Our approach is fully adapted to each country's culture and regulations, and we provide unrivaled security through our detailed understanding of local attacks.

  • Unique legal protection thanks to the relevance of our 110 websites categories
  • Customizable filtering policies based on categories reflecting users' interests in each country.
  • Over 98% recognition rate of visited websites thanks to our knowledge of local users' browsing habits.
  • Unrivalled filtering quality via manual classification of content by our multi-lingual and multi-cultural teams.
  • Integration of corporate law and management practice through exclusive features such as the individual distribution of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and user coaching.
  • Optimized business data streams via caching and QoS rules based on Olfeo's categories
  • Instantaneous attacks detection.
  • SSL decryption bypass from specific categories for privacy protection and legal compliance
  • Dedicated Customer Service and a single contact to help each of our customers with their legal and technical issues...

A powerful reporting and supervision tool

  • Powerful statistical functions for cross-tabulating multiple criteria (such as URLs, protocols, groups, and viruses) by number of pages, volume, ...
  • Numerous predefined statistics
  • Interactive graphics for in-depth analysis via dynamic browsing
  • Reports and analysis can be saved as favorites
  • Custom algorithm to analyze time spent on the Web
  • Customizable dashboards updated in real time
  • Reports e-mailed automatically to administrators or to certain departments such as HR, Sales, ...
  • Real-time visualization of Internet traffic and the filtering rules applied

Tailored deployment and administration 

  • Solution available in numerous formats : mix and match your choice as an appliance, virtualized software, SaaS, stand-alone program...
  • Custom integration : proxy, other device connection, monitoring (port mirroring), inline/bridge mode, remote access…
  • Secured administration console access
  • Unified interface for all products and features: configuration, statistics...
  • Detailed administration rights assignment: specific user group menu item viewing or editing
  • High availability for cluster creation (master and slave servers definition, logs centralization and statistics…)
  • Partial or complete backup and restoration system
  • Server supervision, email alerts, compatibility with SNMP administration consoles, SYSLOG files...

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