Mobility controller



The Olfeo mobility controller authenticates visitors and logs their access in your public areas (via both wired and wireless networks).

Users accounts creation can be delegated to an operator tanks to a dedicated interface. The operator can assign each user connection rights (duration and validity), and print their usernames and passwords.

The administrator can create an unlimited number of operator portals and related ticket profiles.
These tickets can be predefined or are customizable by the operator thanks to configurable rights delegation (language, ticket validity...).

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  • Keep user logs over a configurable period in accordance with legislation
  • Link a filtering policy to the connection ticket through a broad range of customizable actions: time- and volume-based quotas, time ranges, overrides, etc.
  • Submit the Internet acceptable Use Policy to visitors and archive read confirmations
  • Customize the user's authentication portal: graphic guidelines, text...
  • Use a single management console to manage both internal and external users
  • Visitors authentication for your wired and wireless public areas
  • Accounts creation and management by operators or visitors through auto-registration
  • Unlimited customizable tickets and portals creation setting ticket validity, filtering policy, language, messages...
  • Assignment of a single ticket to several portals
  • Operator portals customization
  • Powerful administration delegation of access rights to operators according to the selected portals and tickets: modify the ticket validity, the filtering policy, etc.
  • Real-time visualization of accounts: active, idle, and expired
  • Printable users’ identifiers, also sendable by SMS or email
  • Integration into many invoicing software packages

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