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Olfeo's protocol filtering extends protection to all Internet protocols, including UDP and TCP. It detects and controls over 850 protocols divided into more than 20 themes (instant messaging, P2P, streaming, Tor, remote login, etc.).

The protocol analysis recognizes application signatures, up to the 7th layer of the OSI model, in order to identify the reel port, irrespective of the port used, in order to ensure exhaustive blocking even with dynamic protocols.

Olfeo identifies protocols on the basis of domain names, SSL certificates such as Gmail, or antivirus software.

The protocol filtering policy rules engine offers very detailed granularity for configuring your policies.

Link your protocol filtering policies individually to groups or users, using the same GUI as for URL filtering.

Security policies are centralized, giving you a global view.

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  • Detects attempts to bypass the proxy
  • Applies corporate filtering policies to all HTTP streams over the network including exotic ports regardless of proxies
  • Detects the use of instant messaging such as when bypassing the firewall: webmessengers, protocol proxies or dedicated external SOCKS, direct communication between e-mail clients, private servers, etc.
  • Detects P2P protocols and more specifically BitTorrent, which requires neither servers nor fixed ports, and often uses encrypted connections
  • Identifies non-IP protocols and communications protocols such as IRC and ICQ, frequently used by zombie workstations
  • Detects protocols used by online games, P2P, streaming, file downloading, etc. in order to optimize bandwidth
  • Analyze the stream type regardless of ports used
  • Analyze application signatures up to layer 7 in order to identify the real protocol
  • Accurately analyze real-time network streams
  • Accurately manage protocol filtering policies through 850 protocols grouped into over 20 themes
  • Assign filtering policies using a tree view based on your directory structure

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