Olfeo Direct Support


Olfeo support is provided for all technical questions: integration, configuration, operation, installation according to Olfeo recommendations... only insofar as the information contained in the software documentation does not allow to resolve the problem.

Olfeo support helps you diagnose malfunctions.

Olfeo support is available to administrator clients of the solution who have signed an Olfeo Direct Support agreement, and to certified Olfeo partners.


Olfeo technical support is available weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm, Paris time.

Please contact us for requests concerning on-call periods.

If you have signed an Olfeo Direct Support agreement, you can reach us via:

e-mail: support@olfeo.com
Tel: +




Level 1 :

Level 1 support teams are in charge of basic incidents. They:

  • Verify that the customer has a Technical Support agreement
  • Collect a detailed description of the customer's environment including the network architecture and the integration modes
  • Write a detailed description of the questions or symptoms observed by the customer, including their frequency and operational and financial impact on the customer or associated projects
  • Document the customer's functional and operational goals
  • Analyze the reported symptoms in order to identify the underlying problems

Level 1 support technicians/engineers may use, among other resources, knowledge base management tools or product documentation in order to address these problems. The proposed solutions may involve clarifying product features, re-installing or configuring products, etc.

Level 2:

The primary role of the Level 2 Technical Support team is to acknowledge receipt of the escalation from the Level 1 Support team, and to verify the analyzes and recommendations made at the previous level.

The Level 2 team offers greater technical expertise, enabling finer detailed analysis and the use of more advanced troubleshooting techniques.

This team's responsibilities also include the deployment of additional patches, the use of diagnostic tools, troubleshooting using remote control tools, and finally the creation of a model reproducing the customer's environment.

If the expertise available in this team cannot resolve the problem or provide the necessary solutions or recommendations, the team escalates the incident to the Level 3 team.

Level 3:

This is the highest level of technical support available: its members are typically technicians or engineers with a strong technical background and development capabilities. The team manages and resolves the most complex technical problems and questions.

Team members are generally presented with previously unknown problems or questions; they have extensive knowledge of the entire product and in their areas of expertise. Finally, they use advanced analysis and diagnostic techniques such as recompiling, instrumentation, product optimization, the use of advanced third-party tools, as well as the creation of specific troubleshooting tools.

The team provides technical coaching for the lower-level teams through knowledge transfer sessions and presentations. It provides our development teams with a very detailed analysis of the customer's problem, or with models reproducing the incident, in order to develop software fixes.

It is also responsible for providing these software fixes following the required quality assurance phases, notably including non-regression testing.

Olfeo Technical Support is dedicated to Olfeo administrator customers who have signed a Direct Support agreement, as well as to our partners' technical engineers who have obtained Olfeo V5 technical certification.


Your partner is not responsible for providing Technical Support: Olfeo manages all Level 1, 2, and 3 Technical Support described previously, according to the terms of the Olfeo Direct Support agreement.


If you have not sold Olfeo Direct Support to your customer, you agree to provide the customer with Technical Support services on Olfeo products.

The Partner Support agreement you propose to your customer includes Level 1 and Level 2 technical support.
Olfeo agrees to provide Level 3 technical support in accordance with the description of the associated responsibilities.

You also agree to remain the end user's sole contact, whatever the technical support level involved and without a specific request from our technical support teams. Technical Support services are provided during the opening hours of Olfeo Direct Support and in accordance with the terms of the Olfeo Direct Support agreement.

Finally, you agree to ensure the certification of your own technical support team members in order to provide quality technical support. If you have a technical engineer trained on the Olfeo solution who is often out of the office visiting customers, then you cannot provide optimal responsiveness should a problem arise.


  • Installation on a server from a .run file provided by Olfeo. This installation may take place on any OS with a Linux 2.6 kernel (Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.).
  • An installation in Virtual mode from images provided by Olfeo. With your authorization, we can also take remote control of the server(s).
  • An installation on  Olfeo Boxes ( 5000, 6000, and 10 000).

If we have rights, we can also take your application by hand or on remote servers.

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