Positive Security

Positive Security

olfeo-positive-web-securityPOSITIVE SECURITY

Olfeo offers discerning organisations the only web security gateway that seamlessly combines technological expertise with legal and cultural compliance in addition to the human factor, to provide effective positive security. 

What is positive web-security?
At Olfeo, we believe that positive security is your best defence against today's web-based threats while accommodating new user habits. 

Positive security must be considered in the broadest sense of the term. Being Olfeo's innovative approach, it combines the three fundamental challenges of web security: technological expertise, legal and cultural compliance, and the human factor. Unlike many other solutions, Olfeo places equal emphasis on all three areas. 

Approaching protection through positive security facilitates the creation of an environment of trust on which your users can depend when they use the web.


Web content filtering powered by Olfeo's technological expertise ​

Natively, our web security gateway embeds all the indispensable components that guarantee web security, bridging any gaps between your other equipment - especially your firewall - to protect you from new threats. This is how we strengthen your security - by leveraging the performance of your security chain with a dedicated proxy. As an expert in web security and content filtering, Olfeo is a specialist solution that will meet your specific requirements while significantly improving how well you are protected by proxies and filtering.

As the latest methods of phishing, cryptolockers, ransomware and other malware scale new heights in ingenuity, protection against malicious websites has now become a whole security component on its own. Although antispam solutions set up the first bastion against such attacks, our web security gateway provides reinforcement in order to stop ransomware in its tracks before it contaminates external websites. 

URL databases, network-based antiviruses, HTTPS decryption, sandboxing, and so much more - every one of them necessary and built into Olfeo's product offering. Together, they enable the application of the concept of positive security to your web traffic in order to let through only recognised and trusted traffic.


The highest level of legal & cultural compliance

Web security projects should not only be considered from a technical angle, since they also involve other disciplines that are specific to every country, such as criminal law, civil law, labour law, access to private data, culture and management practices, etc.

Each of these disciplines differs according to the country - what is illegal in one country may not necessarily be frowned upon in another. We therefore do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to cover the needs of all countries.

For this reason, Olfeo has taken the step to build databases differentiated by country as well as an international database for global projects. Our web security gateway therefore protects you with regard to all legal and cultural aspects, thanks to the most qualified and most context-relevant URL database for your country. 

This ensures the greatest level of satisfaction and Internet access compliance. With Olfeo, you can be certain that when your employees use the Internet in the workplace, they do so responsibly and professionally.


The human factor at the core of our web security gateway

We offer the first-ever solution that puts the human factor at the core of the web security gateway, which we view in a positive light in order to raise your users' awareness, empower them and increase their involvement to transform them into critical actors who foster positive security.

Deeper user involvement is indispensable today for effective protection from new threats. We made it possible by allowing our web security gateway to interact more meaningfully with users. What's more, our extremely simple and intuitive administration interface streamlines IT administrators' daily duties. 

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