Technological expertise

Technological expertise

Web security driven by technological expertise

The first pillar of positive security is the technological expertise behind our web security gateway

Individually, the various components of Olfeo's holistic solution protect you from the latest threats while enhancing the overall performance of your infrastructure. Together, they fulfill the priorities of CSOs seeking a solution that enables them to direct security and web access.



Protecting you from new threats powered by the mechanics of web security



Olfeo enables protection against all types of threats thanks to the synergy of 5 methods :

URL database 
The main highlight of Olfeo's URL database is a reputation database that references content harbouring malicious code, thereby making it possible to immediately block them

SSL decryption 
Since a growing number of attacks ride on HTTPS traffic, our SSL decryption (LIEN  ) also allows scanning encrypted traffic, which accounts for 55% of overall web traffic today (source: SSL Pulse, figures updated daily by Trustworthy Internet Movement). LINK:

Network-based antivirus
Olfeo's network-based antivirus allows code to be scanned in real time, and detects malicious files by using multiple malware identification  methods.  
Olfeo has forged a technological partnership with a vendor specialising in worldwide reputation. Joining our forces means the guarantee of extremely high-quality detection to thwart sophisticated attacks, and the seamless integration of both solutions. Basically, the ideal response to CryptoLocker and other ransomware attacks.

The creation of a trusted environment thanks to whitelisting 
Olfeo allows you to apply whitelist access policies, which consist of restricting access only to categories or websites that you have explicitly authorized. Determining the trusted environment in this way ensures the highest level of security since accessed content would have been scanned in advance. The ANSSI (national network and information security agency in France) recommends this operating mode for organisations with the most stringent requirements, such as CNIs. 
This approach requires all-round knowledge of surfing habits in order to offer extremely accurate recognition of visited websites. Unrivalled in its accuracy exceeding 98%, Olfeo is the only market player capable of offering this solution. Every single day, our dedicated in-house website categorisation team classifies new websites that appear on the net, allowing us to maintain a relevant URL database on a daily basis. 

Strengthen the performance of your web security chain

Among the main challenges relating to the web security chain, the priority is being able to rely on specialised components so that, working together as a whole, they form a sturdier and more powerful chain. While UTM solutions address numerous primary and secondary security needs, they provide generalised, instead of specialised, responses.​

Enhance the performance of your infrastructure

Olfeo's web security gateway provides the solutions for simplifying and streamlining your infrastructure with regard to implementation, budgetary and technical aspects.
On-demand installation: Olfeo's gateway can be installed in various formats that are compatible with one another - virtual appliances, physical appliances, software and cloud-based.

Our virtual appliance offers exactly the type of flexibility you need to accommodate future needs, just without the added cost.
With the volume of Internet data that requires analysing - along with the percentage of encrypted traffic - increasing constantly, the installation of additional servers may sometimes be necessary. Olfeo offers a licence mode pegged only to the number of users - there are no server licences. Virtual appliances can therefore be added on at no charge, making it possible to stick to a budget throughout the duration of a subscription. Confidently enhance the performance of your infrastructure without the hassle.
Likewise, there are no hidden costs for the implementation of a backup plan. 
Olfeo is able to blend in perfectly with your other solutions:
• Firewall in several modes: ICAP, proprietary protocols, proxy chaining, etc.
• Directories: Active Directory, LDAP, etc.

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