The human factor

The human factor


Make the human factor drive your web security 

Positive security also means taking into account the human factor. It has often been wondered whether the human factor was the weak link in web security, but does it have to be that way? ​​

At Olfeo, we believe that the human factor is an undeniable asset in improving web security, which is why we place users at the core of our web security gateway with the purpose of empowering them, and in the process, intensifying their involvement in the protection of your organisation.

The human factor - Involving users in your web security

To rise up to the complex challenge of user empowerment, what is in great demand is the ability to customize the user's interactions with the web security gateway. Whenever content is blocked, it is important that clear messages are communicated to facilitate users' understanding of what is at stake and why certain content cannot be accessed, creating a win-win situation in which their satisfaction goes up while nonessential calls to technical support go down.

Taking into account the human factor also requires highly granular filter policies that can be defined by user or user group with settings that allow bypassing block pages, according to category, with or without passwords, based on time slot criteria, time and volume quotas, etc. This ensures greater self-regulation on your users' part. 

A coach function even allows sending personalised e-mails to each collaborator providing statistics on his own online habits.
Olfeo's web security gateway therefore allows you to take a virtuous approach: while users notice that software solutions protect them, they also are aware of their interaction and responsibility towards the protection of their organisation. 

In this way, Olfeo makes it easier to place greater trust in users. When they are kept regularly informed of the effects of their surfing habits, through the distribution of the IT charter, your employees become more aware of the risks related to new threats, and will therefore be more cautious and think twice before opening attachments in unusual e-mails.

The human factor: keeping things simple for CSOs and web security administrators

The features of Olfeo's web security gateway allow CSOs and administrators to keep it simple:

Focus on priorities
The quality of its databases and the granularity of policies give administrators full peace of mind so that they can focus on high-priority tasks. The absence of conflict or judgment with regard to access to certain content means one thing less to worry about.

Ease of operation
Olfeo boasts a simple interface offering multiple features that facilitate the operation of the web security gateway: alert messages, Syslog files, SNMP probes, etc.

Delegation of administration
With Olfeo, create delegated administrators with restricted privileges. These privileges apply as much to access to certain features of the software as well as to user groups that are granted such privileges. You can therefore create administrators only for technical functions or even allow only a restricted population to view statistics.

Compelling statistics
Olfeo builds in a high-performance statistics tool that allows you to clearly understand how your users use the web. Multiple criteria can be used to define filters and analyses: category, time, user, actions performed, etc. Reports can then be saved and shared via e-mail.


The human factor is the essential complement to the technological expertise that goes into our web security gateway

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