The right solution for the private sector


Today, at a time when information can become a full-fledged economic weapon, when pirates have dreamed up thousands of ways to break into networks, and when a comment posted on Facebook can damage a company's reputation, CIOs are faced with several challenges:

  • Securing the network both from the outside and the inside, because users are often the starting point for viruses and malware when they download an infected document or unknowingly click on a pirated link.
  • Managing access and content viewed in order to protect the company from legal proceedings concerning potential abuse by employees and visitors, as well as to boost flagging productivity.
  • Controlling the use of various Web 2.0 applications, because the company may be responsible for postings on social networks made from a company workstation.
  • Preventing data leaks. The risk of data leaks has increased through instant messaging and social networks. Employees are often best able to identify the important information in the enterprise.
  • Conserving bandwidth by prioritizing browsing for business purposes over personal Internet usage.


Olfeo has answers to all the challenges facing the private sector:

  • Simple creation of filtering policies thanks to a wide choice of categories 
  • Over 98% recognition rate of sites visited by your users due to our knowledge of users' browsing habits
  • Unrivalled filtering quality via manual classification of content by our multi-lingual teams.
  • Customized access rights for Web 2.0 platforms and video sharing sites (limiting access to videos according to the author, etc.).
  • Associating users with your security policy through exclusive features such as e-mails to users with individual reports on their Internet usage, customization of blocking pages, and override functions, etc.
  • Policy configuration covering a plethora of customizable tasks (time and volume-based quotas, time ranges, overrides with or without passwords, etc.).
  • Bandwidth reservation and traffic prioritization using multiple criteria: by category, by group, by user, by time range, etc.
  • Secure Internet access for visitors and in public areas. The Olfeo mobility controller manages user authentication, tickets, connection times, filtering policies to apply, delegation of administrator rights, etc.
  • Instantaneous detection of local attacks thanks to a reputation database allowing to identify attacks specific to a given country.

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