A solution meeting the needs of Public Authorities


Government agencies work with a wide range of people including employees, adults and minors visiting multimedia libraries, schools, libraries, and museums.

This diverse audience raises a series of issues for a government agency which controls access and content viewed by Internet users. Public authorities need to:

  • Ensure compliance with changing legislation
  • Manage various user groups and filter access according to each group's profile. Public authorities need to filter employees, students in libraries, and visitors in museums according to their age, position, and many other criteria.
  • Control user browsing in order not to saturate bandwidth. Internet usage for a government employee is different for a student. Thus it is important for government agencies to be able to define priorities for official traffic over personal traffic.
  • Authenticate, log, and filter users in public areas
  • Protect the information system from malware. Users are often the starting point for attacks, and information leaks in an administration can have serious consequences.


Faced with these challenges, Olfeo has developed a solution covering all the needs of a government organization. Public authorities represent 40% of Olfeo's clients; our solution is best suited to the specific challenges in this field thanks to:

  • Optimal legal protection via our filtering categories based on a wide range of legislative measures.
  • Simple creation of filtering policies thanks to a wide choice of categories
  • Over 98% recognition rate of sites visited by your users
  • Unrivalled filtering quality due to manual classification of content by our multi-lingual teams
  • Policy configuration covering a plethora of customizable tasks (time- and volume-based quotas, time ranges, overrides with or without passwords, etc.)
  • Bandwidth reservation and traffic management using multiple criteria: by category, by group, by user, by time range, etc
  • Instantaneous detection of attacks 
  • Associating users with your security policy through exclusive features such as e-mails to users with individual reports on their Internet usage, customization of blocking pages, and override functions.
  • Secure Internet access for visitors and in public areas. The Olfeo public portal manages user authentication, tickets, connection times, filtering policies to apply, delegation of administrator rights, ...

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