A solution tailored to the health care industry


Health care institutions have a wide range of needs concerning Internet access, from simple medical searches to monitoring or assisting surgery via webcam, not to mention personnel break scheduling over the Web or giving Internet access to patients.  

Institutions are aware of the importance of setting up proxy and content filtering solutions in order to protect themselves in matters concerning Internet usage and to optimize business traffic. CIOs in this sector face numerous challenges such as:

  • Avoiding false positives (classifying a Web site in the wrong category). Filtering solutions using automatic classification methods based on keywords make frequent classification errors, and classify medical sites in the wrong category due to the vocabulary used on the site. For example, a site on infantile gynecology may be classified as “child pornography”.
  • Managing customized filtering policies.

    Medical personnel is extremely diverse. Staff members often have very different work schedules and Internet usage requirements. It is important to enable flexible scheduling for personnel, as well as more personal browsing times.

  • Under certain conditions and for certain users, authorizing access to content that may be recognized as illicit in your country. A psychologist may need to perform searches on drug sites, for example.

  • Ensuring continuity of service 24/7, 365 days/year.

  • Optimizing specific streams in case of specific events followed by the medical establishment over the Web.

  • Authenticating users in your public areas and logging their actions, as well as applying a filtering policy to protect the institution.


Due to the specific constraints facing the health care industry, Olfeo has developed a solution addressing its specific needs. Today over 250 heath care organizations have chosen Olfeo for its exclusive benefits to the health care industry:

  • Eliminating false positives by manually classifying content into appropriate categories, a process performed by our multi-lingual and multi-cultural teams. All content is analyzed by our team members in order to accurately determine the appropriate filtering category, and thus offer unrivaled filtering quality.
  • Detailed filtering policy administration by user, user group, etc. through a wide range of customizable actions: time- and volume-based quotas, time ranges, overrides, etc.
  • A password-controlled override function enabling certain users to access content recognized as illicit, such as drug sites for medical research.
  • Individual distribution of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy specifying the rules for using the information system and the method for requesting a dispensation in order to view illicit content.
  • Native high availability in the solution in order to ensure continuous optimal quality of service.
  • Traffic optimization via settings for cache and QoS rules through Olfeo filtering categories or customized URL lists.
  • A mobility controller with authentication and logging of users in your public areas through personalized tickets: duration, filtering policy, ...

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