Exhaustive filtering

The exhaustiveness of a filtering solution is a decisive criterion for addressing the challenges of Internet usage in the office.
This exhaustiveness is measured using several criteria:

Relevance of the categories: the solution must offer categories suitable for the laws, culture, centers of interest, and browsing habits of users. This approach enables CIOs to easily apply the Internet Acceptable Use Policy which was created in a positive social climate during a deployment process involving labor representatives and Human Resources.

The recognition rate: there are over 200 million Web sites worldwide. It soon becomes apparent that database size alone is not a satisfactory quality criterion. The relevance of a filtering tool is better measured by the quality and pertinence of its database, i.e. its capacity to recognize the content of the sites visited by users.

The quality of classification: automatic analysis based on keywords or artificial intelligence often leads to incorrect evaluations, over-filtering (false positives) and dissatisfied users. Determining the category for a given content requires a value judgment on the content in light of the country's culture and legal framework. Only human analysis can ensure that content is classified into the right category.


Olfeo has chosen to offer country-specific databases. This multiple-local approach—as opposed to a global one—offers unrivalled exhaustive filtering thanks to:

  • The ability to create your filtering policies according to the culture and centers of interest of Internet users in your country  
  • A recognition rate of over 98% regarding the sites visited by your users thanks in particular to dynamic filtering. This method makes it possible to identify all the content visited by at least one user but not found in the database. These sites are (optionally) forwarded to the Olfeo classification teams which continuously update our databases.
  • Unrivalled filtering quality thanks to manual classification of content by our multi-lingual, multi-cultural team. The team is also available to customers for an immediate response to all re-classification requests.

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